REDtone 4G FAQ

Coverage & Performance

While ADSL uses traditional copper wire technology, REDtone 4G operates on a licensed band frequency which provides wireless transmission from point to multipoint to a fixed and mobile internet access.

REDtone 4G is now available in almost all major towns in East Malaysia such as Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Miri, Tawau and Sandakan. We continue to focus on building up the REDtone 4G network in other towns in East Malaysia. Please click on to find out more about our coverage areas.

We offer a wide range of packages to suit different customer needs. Please click on for more information.

Yes. At REDtone, we provide broadband service on a shared basis among all users. The average online speeds are dependent on factors such as modem capabilities, location, distance from communication towers, number of simultaneous users, user‘s computer hardware and software, visited website traffic (high server load), etc. We are committed to delivering the best possible services to our customers and ensuring all users receive the best performance.

REDtone 4G Equipment

Yes. You will need REDtone 4G indoor or outdoor CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) to receive the REDtone 4G signal.

Yes, there will be a 12-month warranty period from the date of purchase or package activation. The warranty only applies if the fault is due to a manufacturing defect and not damage caused by negligence.

The equipment shall always remain the property of REDtone except for purchased REDtone CPE or USB Modems. Customers will have to return non-purchased equipment at the end of their subscription period.

Yes. As a customer, all you need to do is subscribe to another new package.

All REDtone 4G equipment used by REDtone is compliant with Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) guidelines and SIRIM-approved in terms of safety and health.

The standard installation fee is RM50 for an indoor unit and RM150 for an outdoor unit, which will be charged if it involves less than 10 meters of cabling work from the CPE’s entry point to the customer’s premise when connecting the PC or device. Any additional cabling work from the standard installation recommended will be charged according to the distance and the complexity of the cabling works. The distance between the CPE port and PC/device should ideally not exceed 100 metres.

The REDtone USB Modem is a Plug and Play device that you need to purchase or rent via a bundled package subscription in order to enjoy REDtone 4G services. The modem can be purchased from REDtone directly or from REDtone Authorised Resellers.

There is a RM25/month rental fee for the HomeLite, Basic and BizLite Packages, while the Flexi 50 and Flexi 88 Packages come without monthly rentals.

No wiring is required for the indoor CPE if it involves just plug and play. However, there will be wiring works required if the indoor or outdoor equipment requires better signal strength.

You can have one fixed IP address for the BizLite package. While Flexi 50, Flexi 88 and HomeLite package subscribers will be given a dynamic IP address.

REDtone will replace CPE at no additional cost to the subscriber if the fault is caused by a manufacturing defect. However, the subscriber will have to pay for a new CPE at market price if it is damaged due to negligence.

Fair Usage Policy

Yes, but this is mainly to manage a small portion of users who use their service excessively; such as using a certain file sharing application or software to send and receive very large amounts of data as well as constantly downloading and uploading a high number of videos and very large multimedia files.

This bandwidth-demanding activity will and can affect other REDtone 4G users’ Internet experience and it is only fair to implement the Fair Usage Policy to ensure that the speed, quality and stability of the service are not compromised. However, the service will not be blocked or restricted by REDtone for excessive bandwidth users unless it is deemed necessary. REDtone’s Fair Usage Policy applies to all customers but it will only affect the excessive bandwidth user who exceeds the Fair Usage Policy threshold.

Usage limit is calculated based on the total data that you upload and download.

If your data usage per month exceeds the Fair Usage Policy threshold, REDtone reserves the right to manage and reduce the speed of your connection. All connection speeds will return to normal as per the original subscription package by the 1st of every month.

Each package gives you a data usage threshold of up to 15GB (Flexi packages), 25GB (HomeLite package) of data usage per month (upload and download). Each customer’s usage is monitored on a daily basis and the usage is calculated based on the total usage per month. Based on normal usage trends, most customers will not exceed this limit, unless large volumes of data are frequently uploaded and downloaded, or peer-to-peer and file sharing applications are used. For the Office Plan (Basic and BizLite packages), there are no limits on data usage.

Service Subscription

You will need to fill up the subscription form, attach it with photocopies of Form 9, 24, &49 for company registration and Identity Card (IC) or Passport for personal registration, and submit it to a REDtone authorised reseller/agent or sales representative.

If the termination of account occurs within the minimum subscription period, customers will be liable to pay the subscription charges for the remaining month(s) of the minimum subscription period as well as be responsible for the return of the REDtone 4G indoor or outdoor equipment.

At REDtone, we use electronic billing via email in line with our environmental awareness practices. However if you wish to have your monthly bill posted to you, there will be a surcharge of RM5 for a hard copy of your bills.

The minimum subscription period is 12 months.

Customers are only allowed to upgrade to a higher package.

Fees are charged monthly in advance.

At REDtone, we make it easy and convenient for our customers to make payment by offering multiple payment channels.

(i)For payment via our branches (cash or credit card):

Click here for details.

(ii)For cash payment via bank transfer or cash and cheque bank-in:

Bank in your payment to our RHB Bank account (details below):
Account Name : REDTone-CNX Broadband Sdn Bhd
Account Number : 2621-2000-0055-65

Please fax or email a copy of the bank-in or transaction slip to:
Fax: 03-8073 2128 / 03-8073 2223

Please include the following details with your bank-in or transaction slip:
Customer Name, Customer ID and Contact Number

(iii)Credit Card (One-off Payment)

Please call our customer service helpdesk at 1800-87-9900 and inform our customer service representative that you wish to make payment via credit card. You will need to provide your credit card details as well as the amount due.

(iv)Credit Card (Auto-Debit Registration)

Please call our customer service helpdesk at 1800-87-9900 and inform our customer service representative that you wish to make payment via auto debit. You will need to fill up an Auto Debit Authorisation Form.

Please call us at 1800 87 9900 should you have any further questions

Monthly bills can be viewed online by login to your account at

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