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12 Jan Firms blame competitors for DDoS attacks

Nearly half (48%) of the companies surveyed believe they know the identity and motivation of those behind recent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against them, with many naming competitors as key culprits, according to Kaspersky Lab and B2B International. While criminals seeking to disrupt a...

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04 Jan 2016: another strong year for IoT

Joel Dolisy, CIO and CTO of SolarWinds argues the Internet of Things will continue to grow in the public sector in 2016, but warns that security must remain front-of-mind It has been an exciting year in the world of IT with key technology trends set to...

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04 Jan IoT, Drone, Smart Car Become Next Big Things

Technologies making use of artificial intelligence -- Internet of Things, drones, smart cars and robots -- will be next big things in the information communications technology industry this year, according to the recent report published by state-run Institute for Information & Communications Technology Promotion(IITP). The information technology agency...

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