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Telco in Malaysia, IOT in Malaysia

21 Sep Here’s what IoT will do for transportation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is dramatically accelerating the pace of innovation in the transportation industry—especially the cars and trucks we drive every day. And when you apply the laws that have been driving technology innovation for decades—Moore’s Law and Metcalfe’s Law—it’s not long before...

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Broadband for business in Malaysia, Discounted calls, Telco in Malaysia, IOT in Malaysia

17 Sep Creating IoT connections through Windows

As the Internet of Things (IoT) gains traction, more companies will declare support for various product offerings. One product that is gaining supporters is Windows 10 from Microsoft. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 IoT will power a range of intelligent connected devices from smaller equipment,...

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Johor free wifi, Broadband for business in Malaysia, Discounted calls, Telco in Malaysia

13 Sep Moving towards a full digital era

In picture: Khaled (right) at the launch of the Johor Free Wifi programme last week. At a cost of RM12.9 million, the project will see 135 Wifi hotspots created in the state come Jan 1.    Johor is about to enter a new era of information technology (IT)....

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02 Sep 柔州指定135热点 明年启动免费无线上网

卡立诺丁(右) 为“柔佛免费无线上网” 服务主持推介仪式, 由刘必顺(左起) 、阿都慕达利、依斯迈卡林、阿兹士等人陪同。   “柔佛免费无线上网(Johor Free Wifi)”服务将于明年1月1日起逐步在州内10个县署启动,届时大家可在135个指定热点免费上网。 135个指定热点分布在25个人民组屋计划区、100个焦点区以及10个地方政府柜台。 柔佛州务大臣拿督斯里卡立诺丁昨晚出席在大钟楼举办的国庆日倒数活动时,为“柔佛免费无线上网”计划主持推介仪式,出席者包括柔佛州秘书拿督依斯迈卡林、柔佛州议长丹斯里阿兹士、掌管州宗教事务的行政议员阿都慕达利等人。 卡立诺丁表示,免费上网服务将于明年1月1日起启用,每个县署的推介将由州政府理事会作出宣布。 20.36%人民要求 他说,在柔佛人民心声(Suara Hati Johor)民意调查中,有多达20.36%的人民要求政府改善通讯设施,州政府因而决定提供免费上网服务。 未来3年耗资1290万推行 立通国际总执行长刘必顺受询时指出,民众只要在热点范围内登入“Johor Free Wifi”,即可免费上网,至于登记的详情,有关当局日后会作进一步的说明。他说,每个热点在同个时间内能容纳300名用户使用。 他说,未来3年,这项上网计划预计将耗资1290万令吉,涵盖在16个地方政府以及13个人民组屋的装置费和提供免费无线上网的费用。   Source: Nan Yang Siang Pau...

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