BIGGER ROLES FOR REDTONE GROUP CEO AND CFO – Group MD to continue focusing on creating and delivering shareholder value

18 Aug BIGGER ROLES FOR REDTONE GROUP CEO AND CFO – Group MD to continue focusing on creating and delivering shareholder value

Digital infrastructure and service provider, REDtone International Berhad (REDtone) has announced that its Group Chief Executive Officer Lau Bik Soon and Chief Financial Officer Lau Hock Chye will play a more active role in the day-to-day operations of the group.

CEO Lau Bik Soon has been with the group for the last 10 years and sits on REDtone’s board of directors while CFO Lau Hock Chye has more than 20 years of working experience in the telecommunications industry under his belt.

Meanwhile, its Group Managing Director Dato’ Wei Chuan Beng who is also the founder of REDtone, will continue to focus on strategic matters to create, maintain and deliver sustainable shareholder value.

The ability to continuously adapt to a constantly changing market environment and a highly dynamic and competitive industry has been key to REDtone’s growth since 1996. The group which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, has gone through four business transformations since its formation. Having established a firm foundation, REDtone’s core business areas today are telecommunications services, managed telecommunications network services (MTNS) and industry digital services.

“Bik Soon’s discipline and skilled leadership have guided REDtone through various challenges. He also spearheaded the development of the group’s MTNS which is now its key revenue generator, and an area which has great growth potential.

“Together with CFO Hock Chye who has extensive industry experience having worked in various capacities with big telco players previously, I am confident that both of them with the support of the management team, will be able to further build on REDtone’s strengths and take it to the next level of growth,” said Wei in a statement to the media today.

Infrastructure-light and capex-light, REDtone is in a unique position in the telecommunications space. Backed by its own skilled R & D capabilities, it designs service packages and leverages on any available infrastructure to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to enterprises, SMEs and SMIs and government agencies.


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