REDtone DDoS Protection

Make REDtone DDoS Protection your organisation’s first line of defense against malicious DDoS attacks. This advanced cloud-based solution has been purpose-built to provide enterprises across all industries with reliable, cost-effective and scalable DDoS mitigation services. It is supported by a globally distributed scrubbing platform that can take on even the biggest and most complex DDoS attacks.


Designed to meet both the financial and security needs of enterprises, REDtone DDoS Protection offers on-demand, full-featured DDoS protection services at a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Features and Benefits

Ensures business and operational continuity

  • Global capacity of 1.28Tbps

Minimises risks associated with DDoS attacks

  • Eliminates downtime with:
  • Multi-dimensional protection
  • Reputation-based mitigation
  • Adaptive mitigation

Protection against volumetric and application attacks:

  • Gives your website a turbo boost with:
  • Low latency
  • Web + SSL Acceleration
  • Load Balancing support

User-friendly portal

  • Traffic monitoring on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Easy access to:
    • DDoS attack information
    • Top 5 statistics on Domains
    • Countries and browsers

Delivers automated real-time protection

  • Fully automated DDoS analysis and protection
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • SSL Attack Mitigation

Saves bandwidth and resources

  • By avoiding DDoS attacks, you’ll save on unnecessary bandwidth costs and server resources

Load Balancing

  • Supports multiple backend configurations
  • Auto failover is implemented in the event of a backend server failure

Web Acceleration – Caching

  • All traffic going through the cloud is compressed and cached for speedy delivery

We have been a client of REDtone for nine years and find their level of service exceptional. Three months ago, we were introduced to the REDtone DDoS Protection solution and we are very happy with its capabilities. DDoS attacks pose a serious threat to businesses today, especially those with an e-commerce platform, as they can cause downtime, revenue loss and even brand damage.


REDtone DDoS Protection offers a full report on attack statistics, behavioural trends, attack type and much more. Now, we can identify the traffic source and what the attackers were doing. It helps us mitigate both app-based and volumetric attacks so that uptime is guaranteed and legitimate traffic can still access our content.


In addition to the peace of mind that comes from knowing our website is well protected, we have also seen a marked improvement in site speed. Indeed, REDtone DDoS Protection is like the best insurance policy we can get for our online resources, and we will gladly recommend it to anyone.



What website visitors experience during a DDoS Attack


Initial impact : Loss of visitors
Consequence : Financial loss and damage to reputation


Initial impact : Frustrated visitors
Consequence : Unusually slow website, leading to revenue loss


Initial impact : Low employee morale
Consequence : Reduced productivity