Healthcare Solutions


The REDtone MEX Teleradiology Centres service provide radiology reporting to Hospitals, Medical Centers, and Clinics, and stand-alone Radiology Centres. With a team of senior Radiologists available around the clock, radiology films are received from clients for reporting, with signed reports being sent back to the requesting medical facility in a very short timeframe.

The services provided by REDtone Mex ride on a web-based system, using software and hardware which allow for real-time system reporting with lossless images by the centers’ radiologists. Second opinion services are also offered in a number of sub-specialty areas.

REDtone MEX Teleradiology will efficiently facilitate backlog clearing, night-time and weekend reporting, assistance when there are shortages of radiologists in medical facilities, and reduce cost in radiology reporting for groups of hospitals or centres.

Benefits of using REDtone MEX Teleradiology

Second-Opinion Radiologist Reporting

Specifically for sub-specialty reporting, radiologists are networked to ensure that requests for second opinion is channeled through to the respective experienced radiologist. Along with written reports, radiologists use telephone or video conferencing to discuss their opinions with the requesting clinician.

PACS (Picture Archival & Communications System)

The REDtone MEX Teleradiology service is dependent on PACS in clients’ clinical facility. Should there be no PACS available, REDtone MEX is able to facilitate different schemes to assist clients with the necessary hardware and software. Alternatively REDtone MEX can assist clients in setting up a PACS for their own use, or for a group of facilities to network and save costs and enhance efficiencies in their radiology system.

RIS (Radiology Information System)

REDtone MEX Teleradiology can review clients’ existing RIS to ensure seamless services and solutions. Upgrade or enhancement of RIS ensures optimal performance and compatibility.

Total Solution

Clients’ needs are assessed and a customised solution will be implemented. A total system build could include PACS, software enhancements, linking facilities for radiology image management, and teleradiology reporting from remote centre.