Metro Ethernet


This is the most prominent and widely adopted network protocol in the current LAN environment and has been expanded to support data transmissions for bandwidth-hungry applications over a Wide Area Network (WAN). Our coverage engages over 70 Ethernet nodes nationwide to accommodate the ever-expanding requirements of our customers.


  • High Bandwidth Capacity

    High bandwidth capacity with speeds ranging from over 30Mbps, all the way to 1Gbps.

  • Network Flexibility

    Expand your network with minimal impact on your existing circuits by utilising the functionality of a scalable Wholesale Ethernet Virtual LAN (VLAN).

  • Plug & Play

    Operations is as simple as plugging in your Ethernet LAN cable into the port. Once the switch is in place, you will get immediate connectivity for configured destinations.

  • Cost-Effective

    No additional capital expenditure on top of our service. You will be able to use your existing LAN equipment to use our Wholesale Ethernet services.


    REDtone allows for incremental bandwidth usage, which means that you need only to purchase bandwidth as and when you need it. Our Single UNI is also capable of supporting multiple services.

  • Future-Proof Technology

    It is a future-converged network; carrying all types of traffic including voice, video and data.

Network Topology

The service network operates across our very own 10Gbps Ethernet metropolitan area network via fiber-optic connectivity. Our customers will be able to have their sites connected to the same metro area or within different metro areas, depending on their requirements or site locations. Our customers’ networking equipment will be connected to the User Provider Edge (UPE) located at their own premises.

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