Scalable cloud-based enterprise WiFi management for organisations of all sizes

Smart devices play a critical role in influencing customer decision-making and behaviour. While WiFi devices have become an absolute requirement for customers and employees, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are challenged to deploy a reliable wireless network within a limited budget and with little to no IT staff. The traditional piecemeal approach to providing WiFi is no longer adequate to meet the challenges of today’s digital age.


As businesses take on the task of WiFi planning, more and more of them will consider the turnkey subscription-based model of purchasing the hardware, software and managed services necessary to deploy an enterprise-grade wireless network.


Fast, secure, smart and reliable WiFi depends on numerous network infrastructure components and having the necessary know-how to meet performance and user expectations. Additionally, it requires ongoing management and support to ensure that the service is running at its best at all times.


REDtone Enterprise WiFi-as-a-Service offers a combination of all these elements, packaged in one monthly subscription. It is backed by REDtone’s track record as the largest WiFi builder and operator in Malaysia, having successfully built and managed thousands of WiFi hotspots, coupled with extensive experience in big-scale WiFi project deployment. Businesses are assured of our steadfast commitment every step of the way, from WiFi planning consultation and implementation to onsite support.

What is REDtone Enterprise WiFi-as-a-Service (WaaS)?

REDtone Enterprise WaaS is a cost-effective and scalable enterprise-grade WLAN service that helps businesses improve the end-user experience with insights from intelligent business analytics. Delivered via our cloud platform, Enterprise WaaS comes with one-stop managed services, including WLAN configuration, network implementation as well as hardware and software management, operation and maintenance. REDtone Enterprise WaaS is scalable to specific business needs. So now organisations of all sizes can deliver a WiFi user experience with high RF performance and network resiliency.


• Enterprise-grade, high-speed WiFi access with easy login access at hotspots within your establishment.


• Multiple SSIDs – including advanced features such as controlled guest access.


• Centralised management designed to provide comprehensive Access Points for demanding business environments and multi-site installations.


• Real time management – automatically manages RF channels and power.


• Maximum flexibility in network deployments and data segregation, installing multiple data flow managers across a distributed network to help optimise cost and performance based on user demands.


• Hassle-free login methods and secure one-time password (OTP) options for added assurance.


Built to simplify your operations: scalability and cost-efficiency
A pay-as-you-grow model that minimises high upfront capital cost; easily scalable by adding Access Points (APs) as and when required; ongoing management throughout the life of the network; seamless transition when network needs to be refreshed.


Superior user experience
Allows allocation of dedicated bandwidth and speed, ensuring superior user experience; lets you distinguish between staff access and customer/guest access to prevent performance degradation and potential security breaches.


Visibility and control
A single online portal offers a centralised view and monitoring of all APs, with easy access to reports for performance management, network capacity planning, device tracking and more.