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26 Jul 立通物联网与 UNIFIED INBOX 携手合作

立通物联网私人有限公司(REDtone IOT Sdn Bhd,以下简称 立通物联网)与 Unified Inbox 私人有限公司(Unified Inbox Pte Ltd,以下简称 Unified Inbox) 将携手合作,透过 Unified Inbox 的 UnificationEngine™ 物联网通信功能(IoT Messaging), 整合立通物联网的 CitiSense精明城市物联网方案,以便产品及软件可与人和事物进行沟通。...

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15 Jul Securing the information fabric of IoT

Just imagine a world where billions of interconnected devices can communicate and share information with one another. This may sound like a typical scene from a sci-fi movie but in reality, we are actually witnessing the rapid proliferation of smart sensors, cameras, software, databases and...

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