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Bring Your Business Phone System To The Cloud For Unrivalled Mobility And Efficiency

REDtone Cloud PBX is a fully managed, enterprise grade phone system, designed to help businesses communicate reliably and efficiently without the need for large capital investments / expenses or maintenance fees. It offers customers a fully virtualised, together with the advanced features set. We manage the system for you and administer all upgrades virtually.

Features in Cloud PBX

Call Forwarding
Call On Hold
Call Transfer
Call Conferencing
Call Recording
Call History
Extension Dialing
Mobile, Desktop and Laptop Softphone Apps
Text-to Speech Missed Call Message
Voicemail Notification to Email
Web Portal
Multi-layered IVR Menu with Ring Queue and Ring Group Numbers
Send and receive faxes online
Security Protection



Feature-rich business grade phone system. Each user will gain a suite of features which boosts productivity for the company, such as extensions, customised IVR, greetings, voicemail to email, the ability to have business calls ring their desk phone and their mobile phone simultaneously and conference calls.


No closet full of equipment for business. We host everything for you off-site. And, you can avoid having obsolete technology. Also, not every business has an internal IT team that has the expertise in telephony to keep a system running effectively. With Cloud PBX, business is able to access to upgrade, new feature and maintenance as to ensure that the system operates smoothly.


Choose a hosted phone system from a service provider that guarantees high availability with stable quality.


Efficient pricing with neither heavy upfront investment, on-site PBX equipment nor installation. Functionality is administered on a centralized platform hosted by the provider.


The time for installation is extremely quick, as easy as plugging a phone into office network. Features, such as IVR, extensions and call routing can be configured in just few minutes with self-service portal or support from the provider.setup and access anywhere you have a high-speed internet connection


System management and upgrades are handled virtually, with additional tech and customer support by the provider available 24/7.


Provides simple and intuitive call centre management system which offers full fledge information a call centre required, such as live reporting and dashboard views of performance data, both real-time and historical. It enables the supervisors to plan and their resources effectively. This information gathered can also be used in human resource trainings and development.

Success Stories

Customer 1: Levelling Up the Customer Experience with a highly Reliable Enterprise-Grade Cloud Based Phone System

The Bank appointed a renowned international vendor for this Cloud PBX deployment. Nevertheless, the vendor faced numerous challenges during the deployment process, mainly due to the incapability of their system in meeting Malaysia’s BYOC standards. 


Customer 2 : One of the largest multinational fast food chains in Malaysia with hundreds of stores nationwide.

Facilitating A Remote, Contactless and Integrated Customer Care Contact Centre 

The lockdown and remote working trend necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic were an unexpected reality check for organisations. Since the first MCO, the Client has had to deal with numerous challenges, including a tremendous increase in phone and online orders, manpower shortage, a work-from-home workforce and adhering to public health SOPs. 

Customer 3: The First and Largest Stemcell Bank In Malaysia

REDtone Cloud PBX being A Top Priority for Kick-Starting the Digital Transformation Journey

Migrating StemLife Malaysia’s obsolete on-premise phone system to Cloud PBX was a no-brainer priority. The on-premise PBX that StemLife Malaysia had deployed was not built to accommodate a remote workforce and the collaboration required. Incoming calls could not pass through to the extensions, leading to many business calls and opportunities missed. 

Pick The Perfect Solution For Your Business


  • Cater for SMEs and small businesses
  • Basic Cloud PBX features e.g call recording, extensions, call forwarding, transfer etc
  • Support mobile and desktop App as well as IP Phone
  • Manage via web browser
  • Simple and fast to set up
  • SLA 99.9%


  • Cater for Contact Center and Tele-sales with inbound and outbound calls requirements 
  • Wide range of Cloud PBX capabilities & features
  • CRM integration
  • Dedicated cloud hosted platform
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Multiple SIP trunks in a single cloud platform
  • Billing flexibility. Allows invoicing by branches and locations

What Our Customers Say

Cloud PBX Set Up

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