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Managed Detection And Response (MDR)

The MDR (Managed Detection And Response) service excels in promptly identifying and mitigating cyber threats, fortifying the cybersecurity measures for your organisation

REDtone’s Managed Detection and Response solution actively detects for threats, responds to them promptly, and isolates effectively and efficiently. We provide the security expertise, tools, and relevant information you need, when you need them. We offer customized managed services to achieve optimal outcomes by detecting threats as early as possible and continuously adapting our recommendations to your changing business requirements. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience, combined with cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques, to deliver measurable and scalable results.

REDtone MDR goes beyond detection and response; it focuses on strengthening your security posture to guarantee preparedness for any future challenges . Through unceasing 24-hour surveillance of your infrastructure, we augment your team by furnishing a dedicated REDtone SOC Advisor to accelerate your security maturity.

Managed Detection And Response
Addresses The Most Critical Cybersecurity Challenges


  • BROAD VISIBILITIES : Integrates with your current technology environment to find and create profiles of resources and gather information and security event records from various origins.

  • 24/7/365 MONITORING : Your environment is constantly under surveillance to detect any threats and risks at all times, permitting you to direct your attention to other critical aspects of your company.

  • ADVANCED THREATS : Detect sophisticated threats that slip past other defenses with a system that examines a wide range of security information, and a knowledgeable team adept at uncovering them.

  • MANAGED INVESTIGATIONS :We investigate suspicious activity as to avoid and reducing alert burnout and wasted time looking into false alarms.

  • INCIDENT RESPONSE : Routine sessions to assess and enhance your comprehensive security stance, pinpointing tailored improvements optimized for your specific environment.

  • LOG RETENTION AND SEARCH :Takes the work out of managing logs, enabling you to easily conduct additional investigations, if needed.

  • REMEDIATION ASSISTANCE : Working together to identify, react to, and take corrective measures to guarantee threats are effectively neutralized, with comprehensive verification to confirm they have been eliminated and prevent them from happening again.

  • ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS : A comprehensive examination of the underlying reasons behind events in order to facilitate the development of tailored protocols and procedures that bolster your defenses.

  • PLANNED ENGAGEMENT : Routine sessions to assess and enhance your comprehensive security stance, pinpointing tailored improvements optimized for your specific environment.
  • How It Works


    Deploy lightweight sensors to collect data at a cloud scale, encompassing all users, devices, applications, and infrastructure, whether on-premises or in various cloud platform.


    Identify threats that went unnoticed before and reduce false positives by leveraging advanced behaviour analytics and intelligence feeds.


    Utilize AI for threat investigation and conduct large-scale hunts for suspicious activities.


    Tackle events promptly by leveraging the inherent workflow and automation of routine activities.


    Improve security measures by configuring warning systems to identify threats, streamlining response plans to address issues efficiently, and developing solutions to fix vulnerabilities.

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