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CRM Software : Propel into a New Era, Elevate Customer Experiences, and Fuel Sustainable Business Growth.

CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management)  has become a crucial aspect of every business, in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business world,  REDtone CRM Software is an essential tool that helps businesses to manage interactions with their customers, streamline sales processes, and improve overall customer satisfaction. As your company grows, so does your customer database.  With the increasing need for businesses to maintain a positive relationship with their customers, having a CRM Software in place has become a necessity. 

Discover the power of seamless sales operation management with one of the best CRM softwares in Malaysia. Elevate your sales team, choose excellence. Talk to us today, and let’s embark on a journey of unparalleled efficiency together.

CRM Software : The TOP Five Key Benefits

Supercharge Productivity when you Automate your Sales Processes

  • Identify and engage the right prospects, and assign leads to sales reps with intelligent Lead Pool, increasing lead conversion rate.
  • Consolidate all the customer information you need using 360-degree Customer View, improving customer experience.
  • Replicate wins when you optimise your business processes using built-in best practices to guide your team to success.
  • Easily turn business strategy into measurable goals with Performance Management, making continuous improvements on team performance and exceeding sales target.

  • Build your Intelligent Enterprise with Real-time Insights

  • Stay on top of your lead volume, coversion rates , sales pipeline, forecasts and more to get an immediate view of your business. Create customised reports and change components to surface the most important information with drag and drop CRM features.
  • Sell smarter with the data-driven sales process, from identifying the right prospects with customer recommendation to focusing sales on the hottest leads with Lead Scoring.

  • Work from Anywhere all on a Single, The Number 1 Unified Mobile App

  • Selected in the Gartner Magic Quadrant* for sales force automation for seven consecutive years. Allows users to access and update your CRM data (Accounts, Meeting notes, Deals, Files etc) on the go, better user experience, higher productivity, easier to sell.
  • Get Real-time views of sales performance with dashboards and reports on your mobile device.

  • Manage your entire revenue lifecycle from Order-to-Cash

  • Enable sales reps to actively participate and engage in every step of the process, from creating payment plans, invoices and to issuing customer receipts.
  • Easily create change orders whenever updates and special requests arise. Leverage fully traceable historical data to ensure product delivery and data accuracy.
  • Manage collections and receive automatic overdue reminders, getting paid in a timely manner. Get a 360 degree view of payments using analytical best practices, viewing financial reports through seamless integration with ERP.

  • Streamline your Quoting Process with the power of CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

  • Speed up sales cycles by guiding reps to produce accurate quotes for products with highly complex pricing and configurations. Bring more profit and faster revenue growth to the business. Enable external partners to manage quote and pricing effectively.

  • Features of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Marketing Campaign

    Integrate marketing leads from multiple channels, improving overall operational efficiency and lead conversion rate

    Sales Forecasting

    Analyze opportunities at various stages of sales funnel, predict performance, and identify problems for appropriate actions

    Change Management

    Adjust sales orders, invoices, receipts and payments to reflect business changes with clear audit trails

    Lead Management

    Quickly import sales leads, automatically track leads, and use lead pool to accelerate lead conversion

    Contract Approval

    Automate the approval process and manage affiliated documents, improving operational efficiency

    Performance Management

    Set multi-category, multi-dimensional, multi-period sales targets. Visualize the progress and ensure achievement


    Configure complex products and pricing models, manage discount and promotion, ensure accurate and fast quoting

    Order Management

    Manage order details, create change orders, and submit for approval. Seamlessly integrate with ERP and SCM

    Data Analytics

    Customize reports according to individual needs and visualize data on mobile devices as well as web portals. Get comprehensive insights and information to make smart decisions

    Account Management

    Automatically update account information with real-time events to improve efficiency. 360 degree view clearly outlines customer profiles


    Track payment status, update invoice balances upon payments, and get automatic overdue reminders

    Enterprise Graph

    Visualize the connections among business entities and individuals using a graphic representation. Deeply understand customer value and risk, and quickly identify high value prospects

    Opportunity Management

    Automate opportunity management, improving efficiency and increasing win rate


    Attach payment plans and invoices to contracts and orders, keep financial balances accurate

    Success Story

    Leveraging CRM to Empower Sales Growth & Channel Management

    “As CEO of SecureKi, I cannot emphasise enough how crucial CRM Software has been in revolutionising our business and sales operations. With this one of the best CRM software (Partner Cloud), we have finally been able to join the dots across various aspects of our sales processes to the seamless dissemination of information throughout the entire channel partner management. By harnessing the power of data and analytics within the CRM Software, we can now make well-informed decisions and seize opportunities that were previously hidden from view” said Mr Brandon Low, CEO & Co Founder of SecureKi, Malaysia

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