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04 Jan IoT, Drone, Smart Car Become Next Big Things

Technologies making use of artificial intelligence -- Internet of Things, drones, smart cars and robots -- will be next big things in the information communications technology industry this year, according to the recent report published by state-run Institute for Information & Communications Technology Promotion(IITP). The information technology agency...

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18 Dec 立通国际次季赚40万

立通国际截至10月31日次季净赚39万8000令吉,或相等于每股净赚0.05仙,而营业额则达3506万5000令吉。 此外,首半年取得93万6000令吉的净利,或每股0.12仙,而营业额则达5809万8000令吉。 由于公司更换财政年,所以无法与上财年同期比较。 展望2016财年,该公司增长和贡献来自电讯和增值服务业务。 立通国际表示,虽然数据和宽频服务将持续扶持净利潜能,但预计不会出现显著增长。   Source: Nanyang Siang Pau...

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