REDtone Clean Pipe Service

A clean pipe is a type of DDoS mitigation solution that protects against volumetric DDoS attacks. The clean pipe service blocks network flood attack traffic before it enters an organization’s network and ensures that the organisation’s services are available to their legitimate users.


The REDtone Clean Pipe service secures all backend network elements, including the origin of applications, network infrastructure and backend IPs typically associated with proxy solutions. It is highly suitable for organisations that cannot afford any downtime of assets running their own network


Implemented via tunneling and making use of BGP-anycast routing, REDtone Clean Pipe guards network resources against all volumetric and protocol-based DDoS attacks, such as UDP, SMTP and SYN floods.

How Does It Work?


All incoming traffic must pass through a cleaning center, also known as “scrubbing center”, where malicious traffic is identified and separated, permitting only legitimate traffic to get the server.

Features & Benefits

Continuous Processing

  • Allows for continuous processing of all incoming (asymmetric) and outgoing traffic (symmetric) in order to take immediate action

Automatic Mitigation

  • Enables a precise and speedy response to attacks via automatic mitigation and traffic policing

Remote DDoS Monitoring and Detection

  • Provides coverage for clients who lack DDoS detection capabilities with remote DDoS monitoring and detection

Secure GRE Tunnel

  • Forwards clean traffic to the Origin IP and returns outbound traffic from applications to users through a secure, two-way GRE tunnel

BGP-anycast Routing

  • Ensures superior redundancy in mitigation
  • Preserves a significant number of IP addresses since the same pool is shared by multiple locations

Subnet and Individual IP Protection

  • Protects the entire Class C subnet as well as services and protocols running on individual IP addresses