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Introducing REDtone Fibre+,
the Fastest Internet service
that’s tailor made for
today’s businesses.


Designed specifically for modern businesses, REDtone Fibre+ gives your business the ultimate online edge with the fastest connection speeds.

As REDtone Fibre+ is a dedicated business broadband service, you can avoid disruptive traffic congestion issues caused by heavy consumer users’ online activities such as gaming and video streaming or downloading. Simply put, this adds up to a more stable and reliable connection for you and your business.

REDtone Fibre+ will revolutionise the way you do business by allowing you to do so much more online. To further meet your needs, REDtone also offers an array of office collaboration tools including Google Apps and disaster recovery solutions.

A dedicated Customer Care Team is on hand to provide responsive 24/7 support to all REDtone Fibre+ subscribers, reinforcing REDtone's ongoing commitment to deliver the most reliable services.


REDtone has a successful track record of providing customers in the Government and Business/SME/SMI sectors with flexible, reliable and cost-effective broadband solutions. With this extensive experience, REDtone is uniquely prepared to address the specific broadband requirements of businesses today.


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Premise Gateway (Wi-Fi) is a device that connects the local area network (LAN) to the wide area network (WAN) provided by REDtone. The device is also equipped with an analogue telephone line.

Equipment warranty: 1 year

DECT Phone is a portable telephone handset that uses radio signal to connect to the provided base station unit.

Equipment warranty: 1 year on manufacturing defects and 3 months for battery

BTU (Broadband Termination Unit) is a device placed in the customers premises, that functions as a modem to translate light base optical fiber signals to usable electrical signals for other connection devices.

Equipment warranty: Lifetime

ATA (Analogue Telephone Adapter) is a device that converts packet based voice call streams to analogue telephone signals, in order to facilitate an analogue telephone to make and receive calls.

Equipment warranty: 1 year
*ATA will only be provided to customers who subscribe for additional phone lines.

REDtone Fibre+ is only available in Peninsular Malaysia