Free WiFi for Johor in the works

01 Sep Free WiFi for Johor in the works

The Johor government will conduct an in-depth study on its intention to provide free broadband access in the state, especially in installing free WiFi at 100 hot spots by the end of this year.

The state’s chief of science (ICT unit) Mohd Haffiz Ahmad said the study, which started earlier this year, is now its final stage.

“Once it is completed, we will look into the feasibility of providing free WiFi for the people of Johor in 100 hot spots,” he said at the Johor ICT exploration 2015, officiated by state’s unity and human resources executive committee chairman R.Vidyanathan at the Atrium of Pasir Gudang City complex center here today.

In terms of building the infrastructure for the broadband services, he said, it will start soon with its completion scheduled by the end of this year.

All 16 local authorities will identify the locations for the free Wifi, among them will be the Dataran MBJB, Merdeka Park in Johor Baru, bus terminals, places where people gather and in affordable housing areas.

He said the state government will also ensure that the wifi services provided is of high quality.

Earlier, Vidyanathan said more government departments are now providing online services to make it easier for the public to do their dealings online such as paying assessment fee, buying affordable houses, for Muslims to check or apply for marriage procedures from the state’s Islamic Department.


Source: The Sun

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