Huawei Collaborates with Silverlake Mobility Ecosystem and REDtone flexiCloud to Deploy FinTech Business

25 Sep Huawei Collaborates with Silverlake Mobility Ecosystem and REDtone flexiCloud to Deploy FinTech Business

Silverlake Mobility Ecosystem (SME) deployed its industry-leading FinTech product “Mobility Lifestyle Ecosystem Backbone” (MLEB) on the REDtone Business-to-Business (B2B) Cloud which is based on Huawei solutions – via a collaboration with Malaysia’s REDtone and global ICT solutions provider Huawei.

MLEB (Mobility Lifestyle Ecosystem Backbone) is a bridge to connect the FinTech world to the myriad of enterprise systems required to meet business goals. MLEB is an advanced digital platform that supports multiple solutions ecosystems. It is a collection of technology and application services within a single platform carefully orchestrated to provide an end-to-end user experience and engagement. With MLEB, enterprises can develop a series of FinTech innovations to provide customers with a better online experience. For example, they can sell digital, social, mobile and wearable devices online or offline, as well as support secure e-Commerce systems for various situations.

Silverlake selected the REDtone B2B Cloud for two reasons: One is to meet security regulatory requirements on restrictions of cross-border financial data transfer that are imposed by the Malaysian government. The other is to provide faster responses and better services facilitated by localised REDtone teams. REDtone is a veteran operator in Malaysia with strong brand credibility.  Additionally, Huawei’s B2B cloud solution is based on OpenStack open standards without any risk of vendor lock-in. After MLEB is deployed on the cloud, service deployment and expansion can be accelerated, which will help Silverlake Mobility Ecosystem quickly respond to market demands and further enhance competitiveness.

Currently, the MLEB platform has been implemented for FinTech solutions with several banks in Asia. Forty percent of the top 20 largest banks in Southeast Asia run the Silverlake core banking solution. In the near future, based upon the MLEB platform, Silverlake Mobility Ecosystem will continue to help organisations embrace FinTech digital transformation. It will lead the mobile business innovation, improve convenience and customer loyalty, as well as drive enterprise productivity and accessibility. Silverlake Mobility Ecosystem, REDtone and Huawei will deepen cooperation in FinTech to optimise the ICT ecosystem, reinforce their dedication to mobile transformation, lead a reform of mobile services, and ultimately create a win-win future.

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