Connect To The Cities Of The Future

The Smart City concept underscores the need to leverage information and communications technologies to deliver higher-quality citizen services more efficiently, significantly reduce operational cost as well as bring about behaviour change in government workers, city businesses and citizens.


To this end, smart city technologies promote an incredible range of cloud-based and Internet of Things (IoT)-based services that are shaping the next wave of digital transformation.


REDtone IOT is actively involved in driving innovation for smart cities by capitalising on REDtone’s ICT and digital services expertise and know-how in areas such as cloud computing, broadband and data as well as telco engineering. We are committed to growing a partnership ecosystem for technology collaboration, as we believe that this is key to maximising value and enhancing the economic vitality of smart city projects.


Customer-centricity is a top priority in everything we do, which includes understanding and delivering what our customers truly need. We are firmly focused on expanding our deployment of IoT solutions in the smart city space, an important step in realising our vision of creating a “Better City, Better World”.


In recognition of our efforts to advance the development of smart cities, REDtone was named “Malaysia Innovative Smart City Solution Provider of the Year” in 2016 by Frost & Sullivan.

Strategic Partnership: REDtone and MIMOS

Accelerating Johor 4.0 adoption through Digital-On-Things (DoT)

The leading integrated telecommunications and digital infrastructure services provider, REDtone International Bhd, and MIMOS – Malaysia’s premier Applied Research and Development Centre in Information and Communications Technology, Advanced Electronics Technology and Nano-Semiconductor Technology, are teaming up to drive the adoption of Johor 4.0 by leveraging on each other’s strengths.


This strategic partnership will allow REDtone and MIMOS to contribute to Johor’s economic growth in becoming a regional and global business hub.


REDtone’s integrated network with its multiple last-mile technologies, mobility infrastructure as well as cloud and various analytics platforms will lay the foundation and act as the catalyst for the implementation of Smart Agropolitan applications provided by MIMOS. These include the Smart Greenhouse, Smart Aquafarming and Augmented Reality, which are aimed at digitalising the agriculture sector, increasing farming productivity and quality, while maintaining the affordability and sustainability of the value chain.

REDtone-MIMOS Technology Collaboration Ecosystem of Johor 4.0

REDtone and MIMOS are committed to growing a strategic partnership ecosystem for technology collaboration which encompasses:


1. REDtone’s reliable integrated network and mobility infrastructure

Network connectivity is the starting point to facilitate Digital-on-Things (DoT) opportunities for Johor 4.0. As the only service provider in Malaysia with a unique suite of last-mile technologies such as Wireless Point-to-Point, Fibre, Metro E, Microwave, LTE (4G), WiFi and satellite, REDtone is equipped with deep expertise in integrated networks and mobility infrastructure as well as the capabilities to deliver scalable connectivity and on-demand solutions. REDtone designed its network with robust cybersecurity measures and mechanisms in mind: physical, network, host, virtualisation application and data.


2. REDtone flexiCloud

The largest B2B cloud in Malaysia, REDtone flexiCloud offers a secure, scalable and agile cloud platform.


3. Platform Technologies

These technologies span diverse areas, including Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR), video analytics and an application development platform.


4. MIMOS Smart Applications

Promoting a wide range of cloud-based and Digital-on-Things (DoT)-based services that are shaping the next generation Digital Lifestyle, these applications are equipped with various automation, mechanisation and intelligent system features using DoT-driven, knowledge-based solutions. They are aimed at creating new sources of economic growth for Johor as well as new business opportunities for smart products and services, ultimately representing an important step in realising the vision of Johor 4.0.