Connect To The Cities Of The Future

The Smart City concept underscores the need to leverage information and communications technologies to deliver higher-quality citizen services more efficiently, significantly reduce operational cost as well as bring about behaviour change in government workers, city businesses and citizens.


To this end, smart city technologies promote an incredible range of cloud-based and Internet of Things (IoT)-based services that are shaping the next wave of digital transformation.


REDtone IOT is actively involved in driving innovation for smart cities by capitalising on REDtone’s ICT and digital services expertise and know-how in areas such as cloud computing, broadband and data as well as telco engineering. We are committed to growing a partnership ecosystem for technology collaboration, as we believe that this is key to maximising value and enhancing the economic vitality of smart city projects.


Customer-centricity is a top priority in everything we do, which includes understanding and delivering what our customers truly need. We are firmly focused on expanding our deployment of IoT solutions in the smart city space, an important step in realising our vision of creating a “Better City, Better World”.


In recognition of our efforts to advance the development of smart cities, REDtone was named “Malaysia Innovative Smart City Solution Provider of the Year” in 2016 by Frost & Sullivan.

Our Industry Solution Offerings

REDtone established a collaborations arrangement with MIMOS Bhd, Malaysia’s national research and development agency since 2012, with the aim of leveraging on each other’s strength. This win-win partnership allows REDtone to raise its competitive advantage up a notch through the strengthening of its technological capabilities and MIMOS to leverage on REDtone’s marketing expertise and knowledge to distribute its existing solutions as well as expand its product offerings via market feedback.


‘Smart Community Infrastructure System’ (iComm) is built by MIMOS to take advantage of the prevalence of IOT technologies currently available. It is a comprehensive community service / application, developed with the aim to deliver values to government, citizen and industry by providing technologies and bringing innovation that can generate knowledge, create wealth and ultimately improve the people’s wellbeing.


iComm enables the integration of a network of high-definition closed-circuit television cameras (CCTVs) placed at strategic locations. Potential usage of these cameras include video based analytics of crowd / traffic movements.


iComm empowers the local communities to have real-time remote monitoring of the community’s boundary from any threat of infiltration through the CCTV installed. The water level monitoring sensors provide high water level alerts and warning alert can be send out to the end user.  This critical information can protect properties and save lives, especially at areas prone to flooding. On top of that, iComm also provides free internet and telephone calls for users, as well as virtual community message boards to provide better access to local news and information, which would significantly improve people’s livelihoods, especially in remote areas.