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We are known for our R&D capabilities which we have been building on since 1996 when our founding company, REDtone Telecommunications Sdn Bhd, commenced operations. These R&D efforts were given a boost when REDtone became the first MSC-status (Multimedia Super Corridor) company in Malaysia to be awarded a RM3.2 million grant under the MGS (Multimedia Super Corridor Research & Development Grant Scheme) in 1998. We received a further grant of RM3.5 million in 2001.

Our unwavering efforts in the research, design and development of new products have yielded technological innovations that have won a string of awards in Malaysia and abroad. These innovations have served our business interest well. Additionally, they have also set industry standards and benefited the industry and consumers.

Long regarded as one of REDtone’s key strengths, our R&D expertise sets the company apart from others in the industry and provides a unique competitive edge. As at end 2006, we have invested more than RM25 million in R&D.

Our R&D facilities are located in Technology Park Malaysia (which is part of the Multimedia Super Corridor). As of today, REDtone has submitted eight patents that are pending registration.


Our Past Experience

  • Telephony

    • Completion of MGS grant (Distributed TECS) to develop a distributed PBX System.
    • Digital broadband E1 telephony board that supports the ISDN and C7 signaling protocol.
    • Wizard (NEC edition) - a desktop call-control application that works with an NEC IP PBX.
    • VoIP telephony switches and gateways that are implemented across continent voice networks.
    • Wizard that works with any kind of call line and with any PBX system.
    • 2-way SMS to PC and mobile phone (similar to CellFone Inside).
    • SmartBook.
    • Unified messaging systems integrated to popular third party PBX and messaging software.
    • CellFone Inside.
    • TECS that combines hardware switching card - thereby unifying mailboxes for e-mail, fax mail and voice mail.
    • Software for integrating voice, fax, email etc.
    • Full DSP IP for PC-based PBX - algorithm for fully functional PC-based PBX including echo cancellation and multi-party conferencing.
    • Voice to IP.
    • Introduction of Smart Book - an electronic phone book that sits on the PC with a directory that allows users to make calls at a click, send SMS and confer CLIP capabilities onscreen.
    • Telco gateway incorporates switching, IVR control and authenticating gatekeeper services.
    • Interactive Voice Response System generator (software).
    • Introduction of software-based (digital signal processor) DSP running on DOS® and Windows® platform.
    • Auto configuration to read various cadences from PBXs.
    • Call Accounting System for almost all PBX keyphones.
    • Introduction of software-based voice processing - complete hardware and software intellectual property for voice mail system.
    • Call logging.

  • Call Billing

    • REDtone Voice application includes web billing, hot billing and self-CLIP negotiation services.
    • Credit card auto charging and reloading system.
    • Full-blown telco grade postpaid billing systems.

  • Commission System

    • Multi-level, multi-company, multi-commission system.
    • Mobile transaction engine with automatic commission charges for Njoy.

  • Call Shop & Prepaid

    • The Call Shop system (a TECS–based system customised for the Call Shop environment) includes a full switching and call management system.
    • Telco gateway enhanced to support prepaid billing services.