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REDtone SIPhony provides businesses with high quality voice services at a fraction of the cost of traditional landlines. It uses breakthrough Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology over a state-of-the-art network. Easy to implement and use, REDtone SIPhony is ideal for SMEs, SMIs and enterprises seeking to take control of their voice costs.


SIPhony comprises of 3 distinct services, namely SIP Trunking, Cloud PBX and Call Tracking.

SIP Trunking

Our SIP Truck solution enables you to easily support enterprise security, compliance and workflow requirements. With SIPhony SIP Trunk, you can easily setup auto attendant, automated DNC checking and call recording workflow into each and every call.
Efficient and simple to manage, SIP Trunking is a great way to enjoy significant savings on local, long distance and international calls.

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Cloud PBX

This fully managed, enterprise-grade phone system utilises the latest cloud-based technology to provide a broad range of local and hosted voice features and service options. You can easily setup voice greetings, create phone extensions to forward calls anywhere – office, mobile or home. It is specifically designed to help businesses communicate reliably without the need for large capital investments or maintenance fees.

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Call Tracking

Call Tracking enables you to track the source of prospects calling your phone.  This enables you to scientifically test the performance of your online/offline marketing campaigns and see which results in successful call leads for your business.

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DNC Checking

Our solution ensures that every call and message is checked automatically with the National Do-Not-Call registry before determining if they are allowed to proceed according to user defined business rules.

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