The Internet of Things set to enrich digital lifestyle

24 Aug The Internet of Things set to enrich digital lifestyle

While the diverse definition of the Internet of Things (IoT) may be complicated for the average layman to comprehend, the IoT is set to revolutionize further the digital lifestyle of mankind today.

Imagine the shirt, pants or dress one wears daily is linked to a digital network that monitors every bodily change and physiological activity, and sends alerts for example when there is an abnormal heart beat rate.

This will indicate one’s stress or fatigue level and will help one make a well-informed decision whether to continue with the activities or consult a physician.

Similarly sensors would ‘read’ the colors of the secretions in the baby’s diapers and send the data through the network to see if there is any indication on the baby’s health status.

The data from the diapers could also be sent to a connected smart electronic device such as a phone or smart watch to the mothers or the caretakers to alert them on any problem or that it is time for them to replace the soaking wet nappy with a new clean dry one.

With IoT even the doctor can now track the patientsĀ”z health status real-time from the comfort of his office chair.


Those data sent to connected monitoring devices may be able to track the daily activities, vital signs and diet habits that can give the physician an idea of what is going on and provide the required advice.

These are the few examples how IoT could well change our lifestyle. IoT in fact brings endless possibilities in enriching our lifestyle.

“Primarily, IoT is not about the Internet. It is about the physical objects around us that are connected to the Internet,” said John Tay Jin Kiong, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission’s (MCMC) Director of Digital Lifestyle and Society.

Internet will become prevalent
He pointed out to Bernama with IoT the lifestyle of mankind would be further connected with the Internet.

“Very soon, we would be looking at IoT that would turn the home into a really smart and cost-saving home. Experts around the world are working hard and fast to bring regular household appliances to life by turning them into smart appliances connected to the network.

“Imagine your smart home is ready to receive you by the time you arrive home after a hectic day. The air-conditioner is already switched on to cool you down from the heat outside. Selected lights are switched on prior to your arrival or switched off as soon as you leave for work. Everything in your smart home is preset to welcome you or your guest.

All switches are multi-connected via smart devices that can be used as the remote control.

TNB has started the ball rolling
At the recent MCMC-Intel GS1 Malaysia IoT Seminar held recently at Cyberjaya, the national power company Tenaga Nasional Berhad Malaysia (TNB) showcased one of its new IoT application to save electricity cost.

With the target to create smart users, TNB has come up with a device called Smart Meter connected to a network where the user could manage and monitor usage in the most seamless way possible via an app connected to the Smart Meter.

Users will be able to monitor usage, payment history and plan their finances and most of all be aware on the electrical appliance usage and electricity consumption via the app.

The Smart Meter will be installed at every Malaysian home in the future.

The installation has already started and only in a matter of time all users will be able to monitor and control electricity usage via their smart mobile devices.

Embracing IoT
In conclusion, John Tay said the IoT has arrived and it is going to change dramatically the way we do things. It will give a 360 degree perception of how we live, work, move, travel and manage so many aspects of our lives and the people around us.

Its better to adopt the IoT and move along than to be left behind. The possibilities of IoT’s potential is unlimited and its adoption is inevitable.

Embrace it now and grow with it and explore the advantage either at individual level or in the business context because it is bound to impact almost every aspect of our lives.

At this point, awareness and understanding of IoT is crucial in preparing the current and coming generations to explore and exploit IoT’s limitless potential in creating digital lifestyle for a better quality of life,” said John Tay.


Source: Sin Chew

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