The No. 1 Wi-Fi builder and operator in Malaysia

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As the No. 1 WiFi infrastructure builder and operator in Malaysia. We possess vast experience in site acquisitions, design, planning and implementation of large-scale WiFi projects. To date, REDtone has helped build and operate thousands of WiFi hotspots in Malaysia.

Our industry proven WiFi architecture is based on multiple wired and wireless Internet technologies operating on a high-speed backbone infrastructure to deliver reliable Internet access via WiFi hotspots.

Our end-to-end WiFI solutions offer

  • Scalability

  • Single solution for multiple service

  • Customised reporting

  • High availability

  • Validated Access Point communications

REDtone’s track record speaks for itself with successful deployments in a variety of settings such as metropolitan hubs, townships, shopping malls, hotels and institutions of higher education.

One of the biggest Wi-Fi milestones achieved by REDtone is the Penang Free Wi-Fi project, which is part of the Penang State Government’s Wireless@Penang initiative. To date, REDtone has successfully deployed a total of 1550 hotspots in Penang. For more information, please visit

Our WiFi track record also includes tenures as the official ICT, Telco or WiFi provider for numerous large-scale international and local events with more than 50,000 users.