31 May 2017

Huawei, REDtone and Fusionex have formed a three-way partnership aimed at meeting the explosive increase in demand for big data and analytics cloud solutions in Asia Pacific.

According to Huawei’s Global Connectivity Index 2017, a yearly survey conducted by Huawei to track key countries in their progress towards connectivity, having a robust ICT infrastructure is foundational to digital transformation.

While broadband networks and data centers form the basis of a digitized world, cloud services power the use and analysis of Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) where actionable insights are driven.

The collaboration aims to leverage on all partners’ unique expertise to intelligently identify pain points and opportunities for users while lowering opex and capex with on-demand one-stop cloud service solution.

Under the partnership, Huawei will act as the cloud solution provider and the go-to-market advisor. REDtone flexiCloud, the next generation business-to-business cloud, will offer enterprise cloud services that runs on the Huawei’s cloud platform.

Fusionex, an international software provider for analytics, big data and the IoT, will contribute business insights and analytics-as-a-service to complete the full-suite of cloud solutions tailored for verticals including healthcare, retail and more.

“With this strategic partnership, we are moving towards swift digital transformation together with our partners and customers, as well as enabling business success of our customers by helping them to cloudify their business through our global experience and professional services. We see this as a future model of growth for enterprises in the digital era,” said George Pan, CTO of Huawei Malaysia.

He added, “We are appreciative that REDtone and Fusionex have set their sights in helping their customers from different industries to digitalize their businesses. It excites us to launch the services with our partners beyond Malaysia through our innovative business model above IaaS, focusing on what customer want, business agility, cost efficiency and service aggregation.”

“Businesses facing digital transformation are no longer “going it alone.” Finding the right technology partner is mission critical. At REDtone, we leverage cloud computing, Big Data, IoT and enhanced vertical applications to facilitate enterprise digitalization towards agile and smart operations, to ultimately deliver an extraordinary experience to the customer,” said Lau Bik Soon, Group CEO of REDtone International Berhad.

Source: Computer World, Hong Kong