REDtone, a company that lives by its core values
30 Sep 2022

REDtone, a company that lives by its core values

ONE company that is putting its values into practice is REDtone Digital Bhd. Established in 1996, the company has a knack for attracting employees. And, it has a proven track record in retention too, with most managerial staff staying for 15 years or more.

Hence, it’s no surprise that REDtone is one of Malaysia’s most respected and leading home-grown providers of integrated telecommunications and digital infrastructure services for organisations. It has a dedicated workforce of more than 350, half of whom are skilled staff such as engineers, research and development, technical and customer service personnel.

CEO Lau Bik Soon says at the heart of REDtone are its three core values – Learn and Innovate, Flexibility, and You Can Count On Me. Together, they illustrate the relationship it has built with employees and clients.

“Learn and Innovate means we cultivate growth and innovate mindsets. We invest in our employee’s career development and well-being. Each of them has to complete 40 hours of training, which makes up part of their key performance index (KPI).

“We fostered innovative thinking and creativity in our workplace. We created a ‘chill room’ with a garden theme that allows our employees to discuss new ideas in a more relaxed environment,” Lau says.

$!REDtone CEO Lau Bik Soon

Where “Flexibility” is concerned, it is all about being responsive in business decisions and customising solutions. Speed is key. REDtone’s office set-up consists of an open workplace with island workstations to foster a collaborative working environment. This allows teams to sit together from project planning to the end of deployment.

“Even our pantry is designed with fewer fixtures and more space for festive celebrations, training and meetings. REDtone believes since our employees work hard, they need some fun too – whether it is a round of ping pong during lunchtime, or participating in badminton, bowling, futsal or teambuilding after office hours,” he says.

As for “You Can Count On Me”, Lau says it epitomises the very core of the company’s accountability to colleagues, customers and stakeholders. Taking the Customer Care Department as an example, he says the team consists of highly trained frontliners to meet the service demands of customers 24/7.

“With our state-of-the-art, in-house developed network monitoring and ticketing reporting systems, we can mobilise technical support for our nationwide enterprise customers, as well as engineering services for the large-scale government projects that we have successfully implemented over the past 10 years for the Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission, state governments and service providers,” he says.

$!REDtone, a company that lives by its core values

REDtone recently received the Highest Growth In Profit After Tax Over 3 Years and Highest Return On Equity Over 3 Years awards at The Edge Malaysia Centurion Club & Corporate Awards 2022. These prestigious awards are a reflection of its strong culture ad resilience.

Lau says: “We could not have received the awards without our employees and customers as they are the focus of our businesses. We are excited at our continued growth, so our “people first” culture is here to stay. Business success is all about people. We will continue to invest in talent retention and development while welcoming young talents to join our big family.”

Source: The Sun