2 Oct 2019

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 2 — REDtone MEX Sdn Bhd has secured a RM130 million contract to provide medical imaging, filmless radiology information system infrastructure and network connectivity to 20 hospitals in Sri Lanka, including the National Hospital in Colombo.

It will also be setting up a teleradiology command centre in a secured datacenter with a telecommunications operator, enabling radiologists to remotely store, retrieve, view and analyse images, the company said in a statement today.

Chief executive officer Yee Kar Fong said the command centre and the utilisation of Artificial Intelligence will drive efficiency and productivity by pooling together radiologists and medical specialists to promptly diagnose, improve treatment plans and prescribe treatments to patients speedily, especially in the rural areas.

“This should, over time, improve the quality of healthcare services in Sri Lanka. Additionally, the Sri Lankan government can derive significant cost savings through the implementation of this system as the current practice of buying radiology films, printing, distribution and storage is inefficient and expensive,” he said.

The company said the healthcare industry in Sri Lanka currently faces various challenges, including medical care delivery turnaround time, shortage of radiologists and rising costs.

REDtone MEX is a healthcare technology and services company that provides teleradiology, picture archiving and communication system and filmless radiology information systems to hospitals, medical centres and clinics.