#TECH: Satellite-based remote sensing strengthens Redtone’s smart farming solution
29 Mar 2022

KUALA LUMPUR: Redtone Digital Berhad, an integrated telecommunications and digital infrastructure services provider announced a partnership with EOS Data Analytics (EOSDA), a global provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics to modernise Malaysian agriculture and enhance the utilisation of data and AI in the sector.

The collaboration will see both companies strive for smart farming solutions both in the country as well as potential market expansion coverage in the region during the next three to five years.

“We are delighted to work together with Redtone. As satellite imagery analytics is becoming ubiquitous in the agriculture industry, the partnership allows us to combine our products with Redtone’s telecom and IoT capabilities.

“Implementing our satellite technology solutions will help Redtone meet the food security and sustainability goals of their clients and present massive benefits to smallholder farmers. We are also confident that Redtone’s market coverage will bring far-fetched growth opportunities for the wider Southeast Asia,” said EOS Data Analytics’ director of strategic partnerships, Brijesh Thoppil in a statement.

Redtone not only plans to expand the functionality of its smart farming solutions with satellite remote sensing, but also aims to accelerate its efforts in providing growers with valuable insights and make precision-driven decisions that lead to better farm management, better plant health, higher crop yield, and sustainable practices for its users.

Redtone believes that the big data analytics services the company now offers will help increase the efficiency of national food production initiatives.

“The precision agriculture sector continues to evolve, and data analytics plays a critical role in its development. Satellite imagery sensing technology enables combining real-time data collection with accurate location information, leading to the efficient management and analysis of large amounts of geospatial data.

Redtone’s group CEO, Lau Bik Soon
Redtone’s group CEO, Lau Bik Soon

“Through collaboration with EOSDA, Redtone aims to continue working with government agencies, forestry, and agriculture policy-makers within the country and beyond in Southeast Asia, and multinationals. Further collaboration with the parties aims to address the challenges faced in farm and forest asset management, monitoring habitat loss and deforestation,” said Redtone’s group CEO, Lau Bik Soon.

The Redtone smart farming solution is a one-stop application for collecting, processing, and data analysis through a user-friendly front-end dashboard where customers can access the different analytic data at the scale that suits their decision-making needs, be it a huge remote area, sub-district, or country level.

Both Redtone and EOSDA believe that their joint work will help move the country’s agriculture industry towards a more technologically integrated future and make farming appealing again to the younger generation.

Source: NST