REDtone is one of the leading Telcos in Malaysia, actively involved in driving innovation and adoption for smart cities and smart agricultural by capitalising on our ICT and digital services expertise and know-how in areas such as cloud computing, data, network integration as well as telco engineering.


We offer a wide range of cloud-based and Internet-of-Things (IoT) based services that are shaping the next generation Digital Lifestyle. These applications are equipped with various automation, mechanisation and intelligent system features using IoT-driven, knowledge-based solutions. They are aimed at creating new sources of economic growth for the country as well as new business opportunities for smart products and services, ultimately representing an important step in realising the vision of connecting the cities of the future.


We are committed to growing a partnership ecosystem for technology collaboration, as we believe that this is key to maximising value and enhancing the economic vitality of smart city and smart farming projects.

REDtone IoT Ecosystem 

Agriculture Meets Technology

Our IoT-based farming solutions include the Smart Agricultural for durian farms, Smart Greenhouse and Smart Aquafarming, which are aimed at digitalising the agriculture sector, increasing farming productivity and quality, while maintaining the affordability and sustainability of the value chain.

1) Smart Farming Solutions For Durian Farms

Malaysia has one of the largest durian farming area in Southeast Asia. For Farmers who face some of the inevitable challenges in their orchards, and those eagers to switch to the more productive durian farming, will definitely benefits from our smart solutions.


With our precision farming that provides accurate and real-time data on soil and water content; weather prediction; big data providing information on pest infestations, soil quality; CCTV monitoring even in remote areas, to tracking system from product to distribution, will revolutionize the farming sector and increase the yield value.


The collision of cutting edge technology blending seamlessly into old school farming will bring new heights and standards to the agriculture landscape.

  • Integration of end-to-end IoT solutions with traditional techniques which have been proven to be successful.
  • Increase yield / production
  • Real-time data and insights
  • Remote monitoring
  • Accelerate decision-making
  • Lower operational costs
  • Plan fruiting cycle
  • Increase yield value

Agriculture Meets  Technology

From Farm to Retail

Weather Prediction, Water & Soil Monitoring Sensors to Maintain a Perfect Microclimaate and Environment for Optimal Plant Growth

  • Moisture and nutrient monitoring
  • Water usage monitoring
  • Efficient fertilisation and chemical
  • Weather condition monitoring

CCTV Monitoring

  • From 3G / 4G wireless to deployment of satellite in the most remote areas
  • 24/7 remote access via mobile / tablets
  • Intruder monitoring and theft deterrence especially for fertiliser inventory and daily operations monitoring

Ultrasonic Intrusion Detection Sensor

  • Ultrasonic waves attack the auditory system of animals, e.g. monkeys and squirrels, causing discomfort
  • Effectively get rid of animal menace and nuisance from early growth to fruiting stages

Product Tracking, Distribution & Analytics

  • Tracking system that checks the authenticity, place of origin, packaging date and logistics information
  • IoT is used to facilitate real-time tracking; solution enables farms to trace the tree of origin for each durian product

2) Smart Greenhouse

We collaborate with MiMOS to offer Smart Greenhouse solution which autonomously maintains a perfect microclimate and environment for optimal plant growth. Variables important for crop success, such as temperature, humidity, light and soil moisture, are continuously monitored. It evaluates climatic changes in the environment and takes corrective action to maintain optimal conditions for plant growth.


The greenhouse is equipped with various sensors and actuators that are connected to the Smart Control Panel, which is programmed to send data to a cloud-hosted control centre. A dashboard shows the status of various sensors and is accessible via smartphone anytime, anywhere through IoT technology.

3) Smart Aquafarming

A cost-effective Aquaculture ICT Ecosystem which includes sensors for water-quality monitoring, a triggering mechanism and control system based on IoT solutions.


• Smart Aquafarming is about developing and building a cost-effective monitoring and feedback control system.


• This smart system enables better control of key aquafarming parameter inputs, thus improving the users’ aquaculture practices. Such capabilities allow users to use input materials such as feed more efficiently.


• From an aquaculture perspective, the real-time monitoring of water quality will ensure that users will be able to react immediately should there be any change in water quality that may affect the fish breeding or their livelihoods.

Connect To The Cities Of The Future

The Smart City concept underscores the need to leverage information and communications technologies to deliver higher-quality citizen services more efficiently, significantly reduce operational cost as well as bring about behaviour change in government workers, city businesses and citizens.


To this end, smart city technologies promote an incredible range of cloud-based and Internet of Things (IoT)-based services that are shaping the next wave of digital transformation.


Customer-centricity is a top priority in everything we do, which includes understanding and delivering what our customers truly need. We are firmly focused on expanding our deployment of IoT solutions in the smart city space, an important step in realising our vision of creating a “Better City, Better World”.


In recognition of our efforts to advance the development of smart cities, REDtone was named “Malaysia Innovative Smart City Solution Provider of the Year” in 2016 by Frost & Sullivan.