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DDoS protection service provider in Malaysia

Managed DDos Protection Services
360 DDoS Protection For A Connected World

Dealing with today’s massive and complex multi-vectored threats requires a robust defense strategy, a portfolio of leading-edge network resources and battle-tested expertise.

As the leading provider of cybersecurity services in Malaysia, REDtone is a trusted partner of organisations across a wide range of sectors, helping them defend against and defeat cyberthreats.

REDtone’s Cybersecurity Platform is an integrated anti-DDoS solution that leverages mitigation technologies, a globally distributed scrubbing network and automated threat detection to protect websites, applications, networks and DNS services from DDoS attacks.

We are committed to working closely with our clients to understand their security, compliance and cost concerns. Our specialists can formulate the right mix of solutions for your organisation, regardless of your security policies, regulatory mandates, data sovereignty concerns and more.

Why REDtone Managed DDoS Protection Services?

Multi-node scrubbing centres are strategically deployed in traffic-heavy hubs to handle requests, process traffic and eliminate attacks as close to their source as possible.

Threat intelligence collects and analyses traffic data from multiple sources, including mitigation platforms, security operations centres (SOCs), industry research, IP reputation and external intelligence exchanges to identify threats, proactively mitigate them and enable preventive security postures.
• Zero day attacks
• False positive incidents
• Malicious crawlers
• Blacklisted IPs

Eliminates massive, complex and volumetric Layer-7 attacks in nanoseconds.

Provide real-time traffic data and analytics, logs, infographics and more; customise security policies and rules for optimal traffic policing in the customer portal.

24/7 SOC monitors network activity, patches vulnerabilities and provides early warnings on incidents as well as a timely response whenever they occur.

Improves mitigation effectiveness, saves time and offers a focused view of malicious traffic and policy violations using easily customisable rule sets for specific groups

Our Offerings:


Guards network resources against all volumetric and protocol-based DDoS attacks, including UDP, SMTP, SYN floods, fragmented packets attacks, Ping of Death (PoD), Smurf DDoS and more. It is highly suitable for organisations that cannot afford any downtime of assets running their own network.


Protects websites and applications from network-and application-layer DDoS attacks as well as maximises site performance without disrupting the user experience.

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