REDtone 3D Rendering

REDtone 3D Rendering

Bringing Interior Design to Life, Going Beyond Imagination!

Perfect Solution For Property Developers

REDtone 3D Rendering is a powerful digital tool that brings visualisation ideas closer to life through the use of rendering (CGI) and virtual reality technologies. It helps convey interior design concepts and create eye-catching visuals for pre-selling real estate. This solution can bring any idea to life, i.e. showcasing the space layout, zoning, materials, textures, colours, lighting, furniture, decor choices etc. Furthermore, REDtone 3D Rendering imagery looks like a piece of art. It’s beautiful, photorealistic and filled with atmosphere – the perfect marketing asset.

What makes it so different?


This solution lets you create multiple high quality interior styles for viewers to choose instantly.  It helps them get a better look and feel between the floor plans and interior design, facilitating better visualisation in building a realistic simulation of an interior. Customers can see what a property will look like when complete and all the decorations have been placed.

720 panoramic view virtual walkthrough

Feature allows viewers to “walk” through the virtual space with a mouse or touchpad, exploring every corner of the property and zooming in on objects that are of particular interest. Such an interactive experience guarantees the viewers’ attention throughout the course of the project presentation.


Property developers are allowed to include multiple types of tagging, from text, videos, images and e-commerce links to promo gift vouchers. It guides the viewer through every space, and highlights the most important selling points of a property. An effective “call-to-action” tool indeed.

Accuracy of Every Detail

One of the main benefits of implementing 3D interior rendering in real estate marketing is that it provides visualisations of apartments/properties with maximum accuracy. Not just bright pictures of the interior, but realistic images and detailed measurements that depict the slightest details of the property.

Cost Effective

Compared with building an actual showroom or creating an animated video, 3D rendering is much more cost effective.

Turn the Intangible into a Real-World Experience

REDtone 3D Rendering transforms interior design presentations into bright, impressive and interactive experiences, enhancing the likelihood of customers sealing the deal with property developers.

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