As we begin to settle into the new normal, the business must continue to operate. All marketing activities –  be it promotional happenings, advertisements or events; all must carry on.

The question now is – How to run an event,  approach a new product, or do a service announcement when we are required to observe social distancing and are prohibited from organising large gatherings.

How REDtone supports Businesses to Adapt to the New Normal

We believe technology is key for a business to withstand the Covid-19 pandemic and to emerge stronger.

REDtone flexicloud Immersive Virtual Event provides businesses with an integrated platform to host and organise various types of events –  product launches, roadshows, exhibitions, and conferences via the immersive power that Virtual Reality offers.

This breakthrough of hosting an event virtually is changing  how a business operates in the future.

Our Offerings

Virtual Product Launches

  • Engage with media, business partners, and relevant stakeholders in a pre-planned virtual event to unveil your new products. Achieve wider media reach on print and digital fronts at the local and international levels.
  • Virtual stage enabling business representatives to present and interact directly with the audience. Business can opt for a pre-recorded session or live streaming.
  • Design and implement a launch event with a creative gimmick that can be uniquely targeted to meet your business objectives while providing the audience with an immersive experience that boosts the quality of their connection with your new product.

  • Promotional Roadshow

  • Omit all the restrictions of a physical roadshow that normally takes place in high traffic malls. This includes limited operating hours, high rental cost, a big team of promoters and sales personnel to go on duty, strict rules and regulations set by the mall owners and limited catchment crowd
  • A Virtual roadshow provides the global access with24/7/ 365 sales opportunities, creative product showcasing, no manpower requirement, and more importantly - it allows integration with your e-commerce platforms which cater to immediate transactions.

  • Conferences

  • Provides webinars and online teleconferences facilities. Multiple tracks and talks can be conducted simultaneously, with live streaming or pre-recorded presentations and speeches.
  • Pre-event registration facilities allow businesses to capture all the details required of each participant.
  • Exhibition

  • Global access at 24/7/365. An unlimited number of booth set-up.
  • Provides the flexibility to customise the booth design, event hall outlook coupled with the opening ceremony. All can be done by converting an artist impression into a virtual exhibition with 720* walk-through experience.
  • Audience can visit the virtual exhibition anytime, anywhere, with just a URL click.
  • End to end components

    • Pre-event promotion and invitation to capture guests' details as per business requirements.

    • Every event has a theme, a goal, and a mission that is prominent throughout the entire experience.
    • Setting a mood upon the entrance to your event is doable by creating a grand external view of your virtual event hall with the desired design and prominent branding.

    An opening ceremony will spark off the excitement of an event -  exhibition, product launches, conference or roadshow.

    Present your opening ceremony with a multimedia, live performance or speech done via live streaming or pre-recorded

    • Create your own Avatar that represents your brand, or a video clip of a person as the virtual promoter to welcome and greet the audience, with a pre-designed script.

    • With just one URL link, you will be able to showcase your products in 3D model, ie. audience can flip the product and see the details, or offer a 720* virtual walkthrough of your retail shops. You can create a pricing or product description tag for items.

    • You can host multiple seminars and talks simultaneously, either live streaming or pre-recorded.

    Tracks the time that visitors spend browsing, clicking  and scrolling through various areas of your virtual showcase. This highly visualised method of analysing your virtual event will provide a detailed look at your customer traffic and aid in your re-targeting marketing plan.

    Dashboard will be provided for you to check the number of visitors with functions to filter by dates, day and time; including a break down of traffic flow, registrations etc.

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