Smart Greenhouse

Smart Greenhouse

Achieve Unprecedented Quality and Yield with Smart Greenhouse

To maximize production and get the most from your greenhouse investment, you need the best-automated controls available. Automated greenhouse / IoT-based greenhouse gives you access to reporting, documentation, and other operational data that helps you analyse crop yield and pinpoint ways to improve yield and reduce crop loss.

REDtone Smart Greenhouse solution autonomously maintains a perfect microclimate and environment for optimal plant growth. Variables which are important for crop success, such as temperature, humidity, lighting, ventilation, soil moisture, cooling, and irrigation are continuously monitored and controlled. 

Smart greenhouse is equipped with various sensors and actuators that are connected to the Smart Control Panel, which is programmed to send data to a cloud-hosted control centre. The system evaluates climatic changes in the environment and takes corrective action to maintain optimal conditions for plant growth.

A dashboard shows the status of various sensors is made available for the growers and is accessible via smartphone anytime, anywhere through IoT technology.

Smart Greenhouse is suitable for professional or amateur automation of greenhouse control. It rises greenhouse efficiency by reducing the cost of energy needs.

Type of sensors used for remote monitoring and control

Moisture detection

Sensors are placed in the soil to measure moisture content (35)

Water monitoring

Sensors are placed In misting and irrigation systems to monitor the performance of pumps and pressure lines

Power supply monitoring

Electricity powers critical equipment like lighting, water wells, heater fans, louvers, sprinklers as well as humidifiers and sensors will immediately detect electric outages

Air circulation monitoring

Sensors are placed in automatic ventilation systems like vented roofs, side vents and forced fans to alert farmers when any of these systems stop running or start operating outside preset parameters Water pH levels e Sensors are tapped into existing plumbing and can prevent nutrient deficiencies that occur in overly or less acidic water by sampling the water’s pH as it runs through the pipe

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Smart Fertigation is one of the key solutions of REDtone Smart Farming. This automated fertigation system enables every grower to master fertigation at a professional level.​


Smart Irrigation helps farmers to avoid water wastage and improve the quality of crops growth in the field, by irrigating at the correct time, minimising runoffs and other wastage as well as determining the soil moisture levels accurately.​


Smart city technologies promote an incredible range of cloud-based and Internet of Things (IoT)-based services that are shaping the next wave of digital transformation.

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