Increases network agility and reduces costs for multiple locations

Digital transformation is having a radical impact on businesses. The speed of business digitisation, changes in the application consumption model, including the increasing use of the cloud, continually growing bandwidth and application performance requirements, are challenging current WAN architectures. This has resulted in businesses seeking greater network agility and efficiency.

Enterprises are presented with an opportunity to simplify their WAN architectures while improving the ability to drive digital transformation without compromise.

What is REDtone Software-Defined WAN?

REDtone SD-WAN enables enterprises to re-architect their WAN and branches’ networks by establishing a unified network plane across disparate networks and providing a central hosted solution for WAN management. This gives enterprises better management across the entire WAN, reduces costs through WAN flexibility, and simplifies operations with centralised provisioning, management, as well as policy control and application visibility. Above all, it allows enterprise to response dynamically to new business challenges.


A single unified network
• Hybrid networking unifies MPLS networks, Ethernet lines and the Internet to create a centralised, secure unified network.
• Provides better visibility into the overall network and flexibility in making changes, implementing different topologies and rolling out network-wide policies.


Transport-independent connectivity
• Utilises any available connectivity and replaces network connections without modifying the architecture.
• Leverages MPLS, broadband and cellular connections.


Intelligent path control
• Automatically routes traffic through the most efficient and cost-effective path in your network based on performance requirements; dynamically adjusts network behaviour and resources to fit the traffic demand of high-priority applications.
• Avoids network bottlenecks and increases application performance across the board.


Secure connectivity
• Delivers exceptional security via VPN, firewall, network segmentation and threat defence capabilities.


Lower costs and rapid deployment
• Enterprises can augment or even replace MPLS connections with broadband Internet services to connect users to applications and significantly lower WAN costs.
• A simplified, centrally-managed SD-WAN architecture lowers operating expenses (OPEX). It also enables rapid branch deployments: a new branch or remote location can easily be brought online in just a few minutes.


Greater business agility and responsiveness
• Allows enterprises to deploy connectivity to new sites effortlessly.
• Enables changes in network policies to be rolled out quickly in response to changing business needs.


Enhanced network visibility
• Live network performance reports deliver visibility into application traffic on the network.
• Empowers enterprises to change or fine-tune networking policies for better alignment with business needs.


Optimised connectivity
• Data and application-aware capabilities enable traffic to be routed across the most efficient connections based on business requirements.
• Prioritises critical applications and dynamically adjusts network behaviour and resources to fit application traffic demand.