Smart Irrigation

Smart Irrigation

Make Smart Water Decision For Your Farm

While there are many factors that impact the health and quality of a harvest, water is perhaps one of the most vital. According to the World Wildlife Fund, agriculture and farming consumes about 70 percent of the world’s fresh water supply. Conserving water in the farm can ensure we don’t deplete ground water reservoirs or cause excessive soil runoff into rivers and other bodies of water. 

Irrigation management plays a crucial role in agriculture sector, as to ensure crops are getting the right amount of the water at the right time. Overwatering crops can affect how much oxygen gets to the roots, which prevents them from growing normally. In some plants, overwatering can also cause root rot, which may cause the crop to eventually die. Underwatering crops usually has the same outcome as overwatering. Therefore, without proper irrigation system in the farm, crops may not grow properly or could end up withering up and dying.  The IoT-based farming irrigation system making it easier for growers to monitor and control water resources to meet demand.

REDtone Smart Irrigation system provides data-driven water resource management which allows growers to optimise the water usage, cutting labour and operational cost, while maximising the crops yield.  

Key Benefits

Control water resources to meet demand

• Real-time data collection on water usage via remote sensing technologies
• Trigger actions based on sensor data to switch water on and off, depending on irrigation needs and water resources level
• Detect and prevent misuse and underutilisation of water
• Detect piping leakage and faulty, allows immediate rectification and reduce water wastage.

Improve the efficiency of crop yields

• Stay on top of farm environments by tracking different variables i.e. temperature, humidity, ventilation (in greenhouse), rainfall, and wind with smart sensors.
• Remotely measure and monitor water moisture levels in soil via devices to ensure that crops are getting optimal water resources.
• Maintain higher standards of crop quality and growth capacity through automation.immediate rectification and reduce water wastage.

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Smart city technologies promote an incredible range of cloud-based and Internet of Things (IoT)-based services that are shaping the next wave of digital transformation.

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